IBT - Integrative Body-moving Trauma Therapy


Life is movement and steady development, trauma means rigidity, standstill and repetition. The specialty of the IBT procedure lies in the focused orientation on the movement.

The therapeutic relationship is perceived as movement, body and movement are used as the strongest resources and movement is used as an orientation in the healing process.

The range of movement and perception reaches from reflexes through reflex movements to expression of movement.

IBT is a resource and process-oriented approach that is suitable for resolving dissociation, especially body dissociation. This extends the possibilities for reprocessing traumatic memories.

The use of IBT helps to increase body awareness, to expand body language and expression and thus to build trust and develop an integrated sense of self in the body.

Goals of the training

In the IBT training, you will acquire knowledge of movement-oriented process support and deep, holistic trauma processing.

The IBT map of the therapeutic area, a 5 steps procedure and special stabilization exercises are presented.

An integral part of the IBT therapist training and a prerequisite for certification is proof of at least 8 hrs of IBT supervision.

IBT was developed by Romana Tripolt and presented at several specialist congresses in the past few years (pro mente symposium Salzburg, DeGPT congress 2019). IBT is offered as a complete course in Austria and the self-awareness module „Dancing Out of Trauma“ in Germany (Munich), Spain (La Gomera), in Auroville / India and Montreal (2021).

We are open for invitations!