Dancing Out of Trauma

A Healing Path into the Lightness of Being

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” (Anaïs Nin)


Many or even most of us have experienced harmful life events, from birth trauma to negligent or abusive caretakers, from experiences of violence to surgeries and accidents or other catastrophes. Dealing with old wounds costs a lot of energy and can cause somatic and psychic symptoms. Unresolved stressful and traumatic memories tend to block the natural flow of energies in our body, mind, and soul. We survive and compensate, but the day comes when we choose to heal on a very profound and deep level.

In this work, we dance along a healing path. We open our bodies gently within the natural dance that emerges from everyone who dares to move with awareness and passion.

We appreciate the stories that lie behind our suffering. We unfold them layer by layer to release old survival or adaptation patterns that are no longer useful. We dance and sweat our fears, our dreams, and our compassion. We welcome whatever emerges when we expand and look into the dragon’s mouth of our wounds and shadows.

This takes place in the safe and supportive space of appreciation and respect for each other. The work will be done within the entire group, in small pods, and in one-on-one therapeutic sessions.

3,5 days, Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon.

IBT - Integrative Bodymovement Traumatherapy
5Rhythms Dance, one to one work within the group